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Theme Help

Theme Name

Sort of self-explanatory, but this is the suggested name for your theme. It may not seem important, but a good name will get you more traction and a bad one can doom your whole idea before it starts.

Describe the Theme

A simple description of what the theme is about. Remember that campers range in age from about 14 to 60+, so things that would be obvious to someone your age might require an explanation for others.

Why would this be fun?

This is an important question -- almost no one wants a theme that doesn't promise at least some fun.

What are some likely activities?

These can either be brand new activities or rethemes of things we've already done. For bonus points, add your new activities as suggestions too.

What are some likely meals and/or meal themes?

These can either be brand new meals or rethemes of meals we've already had. For bonus points, add your new meals as suggestions too.

Anything else we should know?

Just what it says. If there's some other reason we should consider this theme, tell us about it. Maybe you have access to awesome resources or you know three people who really want this theme.