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Winter Camp XLVII Meals

Moms also say: "Wildly underpriced! I'd have gladly paid twice as much to send my boys away for the week."

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Winter Camp XLVII Meals

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Wednesday, 12/27/2023

Pass the Plate

Apple, FreshBug Juice
Bread, WhitePotato Chips
Sandwich (2023)

Disability Awareness Dinner

Milk, ChilledChocolate Pudding
Bread, Garlic - HomemadeTossed Salad

Bakery Snack Plus

Milk, ChilledBread, White
Bread SpreadsCinnamon Apple Delight Pull-Apart Cake

Thursday, 12/28/2023

Diner Breakfast

Milk, ChilledOrange Juice
Bread, WhiteBacon
Belgian ToppingsFrench Toast, Homemade

Electric Chair

Apple, FreshBug Juice
Potato ChipsHot Dogs
Chocolate Fudge Peanut Butter Cookies

Mystery Ingredient Meal

Soda PopBurrito Tortilla
Taco/Burrito ToppingsChips and Salsa
Easy Spanish RiceJalapeno Cornbread

Movie Snack

Popcorn Seasonings

Friday, 12/29/2023

Donut Shop breakfast

Milk, ChilledOrange Juice
Cereal, ColdPop-Tarts

Inspector Clouseau Meal

Bread, WhiteFrench Dip Sandwich
French Fries, BakedSnail Juice

One Pot Dinner

Milk, ChilledBread, French
Soup, Minestrone (Homemade)

Bollmano's Pizza

Pizza DoughPizza Sauce
Pizza ToppingsSoda Pop

Saturday, 12/30/2023

Mediterranean Breakfast

Milk, ChilledOrange Juice
Pita BreadShakshuka

Vegetarian Lunch

Soda PopOrange, Fresh
Asian Vegetable Rice Bowl

Buffet Meal

Bread, WhiteChips and Salsa
Key Lime PieChicken Sandwich
Margarita Mocktail

Ice Cream Social

Root BeerIce Cream, Vanilla
Ice Cream Toppings

Sunday, 12/31/2023

Jackpot Grits

Milk, ChilledOrange Juice
ToastGrits, Jackpot

Conglomerate Lunch

Apple, FreshBug Juice
Rand StewLeftovers